Jailbreak Detector Plugin

Jailbreak detector plugin for the Unity3D

Jailbreak Detector plugin (version: v1.2) is live and can download from the Unity Asset Store.

The update contains a few new elements and lot of compatibility updates.

The plugin core was written in objective C and have C# wrapper classes. The wrapper classes help wire the objective C core into the Unity C# project.

The detected applications and methods:

  • Cydia.app
  • Evasi0n
  • MobileSubstrate.dylib
  • /bin/bash
  • /usr/sbin/sshd
  • /etc/apt
  • AdBlocker.dylib
  • AppCake3.app
  • RockApp.app
  • WinterBoard.app
  • Icy.app
  • SBSettings.app
  • MxTube.app
  • IntelliScreen.app
  • FakeCarrier.app
  • blackra1n.app

Documentation: http://www.joesgamefactory.com/unity3d/plugins/jailbreak/jailbreak-detect…in-documentation/

Update: http://www.joesgamefactory.com/unity3d/plugins/jailbreak/unity3d-plugin-update/ ‎

Download the plugin:

Download Jailbreak detector plugin

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