JailBreak detector plugin documentation

JailBreak detector plugin documentation


When you downloaded, the packager will unpack the plugin into Assets/Plugins/ folder.

The package contains two folder

  • Ios_jailbreak_detect
  • Test

And contains 2 C# files.

  • jailBreakDetectBinding.cs
  • jailBreakTest.cs

The Ios_jailbreak_detect folder contain the objective C codes and the C# wrapper classes. The test folder contains a sample scene where you can test and see how to need to use this plugin.

About the C# files:

  • jailBreakDetectBinding.cs contains the wrapper classes and methods for the connection between C# and Objective C platform.
  • jailBreakTest.cs contains the sample C# codes that show how to wire and use this plugin.


When you like to build, you should do nothing with the plugin, because he unity3D will make proper folder structure in the XCode and the plugin will be built.


Wire this plugin your C# project.


You need to call the InitJailBreakDetect function.


void Awake ()


/// <summary>

/// Jailbreak plugin initialization.

/// You need to call it before you want to use the detector plugin

/// </summary>




Detecting methods:


Device jailbreak detecting:

  • public static bool isDeviceCracked()

Cydia app detection:

  • public static bool isHaveCydia()

Evasi0n app detection

  • public static bool isHaveEvasion()

Advertising blocker apps detection

  • public static bool isHaveAdBlocker()

AppCake3 app detection

  • public static bool isHaveAppCake()


Get the installed jailbreak helper applications.

  • public static string GetAviableCrackName()


Download the plugin:

Download Jailbreak detector plugin

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