Game development in indie style.

The beginning or game development in indie style

I have decided that I am going to write a blog series which takes us through the full game development from idea to finish. Before many comments coming in, I would like to say that we are not going to show how to make a Skyrim or Battlefield style and size game, because I think many of my readers don’t have enough money, infrastructure , workers and perhaps enough knowledge. We will speak about such games that can be assembled by 1-3 people. Developers call it “indie game development”. Probably there will be some so-called indie developers among the blog readers and I would like to give a hand to them and everybody else and also give an insight into this industry.

Indie game developer / development.

I will make a little detour about what this title means. It means such a man or people who do something driven by an idea. They make all this with their own developer tools. In other words, they use their time and money so that they can realize their own ideas. This blog will provide new and exciting topics for them.


Many will have the question: who is this stranger writing about these things? Well, I have been developing games for 30 years. Sometimes alone, other times with smaller or bigger teams mostly for companies. Nowadays I am working as an indie developer. Why? It is a long story. I wrote the first code line on Primo home computer, i made my first animation on Enterprise 128 in C. I have published games on PC, iOS and Android. I have worked with Unity3D for 5 years, perhaps since the beginnings. I use C/C++, assembly, pascal, C#, Objective C,  PHP, Basic, Java and Javascript, although the last two languages aren’t my fortes, as I don’t fancy them. I am sorry Java Gurus.

The First Question :  How can I start?

I talked about it with some people who want to make a game as Indie developer. All of them was the first idea: “I want to make a Multiplayer First Person Shooter Game like COD, Battlefield, Quake etc…”.

It’s a Big preferable thinking, but this way to drive to downfall.

Why? Because you are not enough for these games. These games needs: big mount of money, a big team, lot of time, lot of experience many parts of the game development (design, animation, coding, marketing, production, graphics, etc). An Indie developer has not. If its have he not calls myself to Indie developer 🙂

I think to a the success game, it is not necessary.  I would like to make a tutorial , how we make a success game.

First step:  We need to collect the developer tools. We have two most popular game engine,  Unity3d and Unreal engine. Both engine good for the indie developers. The significant difference is the Unreal use C++ and need to pay some money, the Unity use C# and have free version. Of course, it have many difference between engine yet ( unreal vs unity), but in the beginning, – i think – it not important. We have to a editor yet. I use the Microsoft Visual Studio, my personal advice: it is good for us:)

We going to make a big mount of the graphical content so we need a pair graphical tool too. Here we have many options and only depends on the wallet.

2D Graphical programs: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects , Gimp (it is free).

3D Graphical programs: 3DStudioMaxLightWave , MayaBlender ( it is free)

What is the next step?

We will do the most exciting thing: we will start develop a game.

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I am a video game developer who started the programming about 30 years ago. I have great experience at the game development: since 2001 they have been taking part in lot of game innovate, for different platforms, for example: 1001 Games Pack (PC), 203 Games Pack (PC), Magic Papillon (PDA), Toys4You (PDA), Efteling Tycoon(PC), Hexarot (iOS), iFlea (iOS/Android), Tube Runner (Android) and a few game on iOS and Android platform by 3 party offers. I have experience in C#, C/C++, ObjectiveC , PHP ,Java , Javascript progamming laguages and MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSql Databases and PC, iOS, Android devices.

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