Could you catch a flea with empty hand? Could you hit a flea your finger?

– If your answer is YES you will be able to show me how much is your accuracy!
– If your answer was NO, then you would try and show that you will be the best flea hunter!

You can catch the fleas if you are fast enough. Are you fast?
You need to differentiate the iFleas if you have sharp eyes. Are you sharp eyes?

Try it and enjoy the crazy iFlea hunt.

Every Flea have different skin,
Every Flea have different different behavior,
Every Flea have different different score,
The goal is that you collect given number fleas a specific time.

Joe Flea : he is the best growth will lead to the apartment, you’ll get 50 points if you catch it.
Jhony Flea : he is a gentleman, you will get 100 points if you catch it.
Britney Flea : Women were not sorry to be careful 🙂 if you get caught you will get 150 points for it.
Cold “agent 008” Flea: rare, quick, and clever, you’ll get 200 points if you catch it.


Spend some lazy time, play iFlea the flea sniper game !

iFlea the flea sniper game

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